End of Tenancy Cleaning (ETC) is not a particularly glamorous subject to talk about but the knowledge will come handy if you want to receive your rent deposit back from your demanding landlord or estate agents.

A diligent inventory clerk booked by the landlord/estate agent will pick up on any tiny scratch, spot or not finished to the perfection cleaning. So you would better be first to spot anything which could potentially jeopardise your sometimes hefty deposit, spot it and put it straight.

Now what does an ETC normally include? When asked I answer that that is a thorough cleaning of everything in the property apart from painted walls, ceiling and windows outside. Majority of London based cleaning companies would carry out precisely the same when booked for this kind of service.

By “cleaning everything” I actually mean absolutely everything including furniture and appliances that there are in the property. It also means carpet/rugs to be steam cleaned too. Some of the agents would be happy with curtains / blinds/ upholstery be just vacuum-cleaned while others find that steam cleaning is an absolute must for these items too.
Here is the list of things which are easily missed by a negligent cleaner or an unexperienced tenant but are not getting overlooked by inventory clerks carrying out their jobs.


  • Soap dispenser in the washing machine
  • Rubbish bin
  • All cupboards inside out – top and bottoms
  • Oven inside and out (including trays and rakes)
  • Extractor fan inside and out
  • Fridge – defrost + inside and out (behind too if free standing)
  • Microwave – inside and out


  All limescale to be removed off:

  • Tiles
  • Shower head- shower hose
  • Taps
  • Toilet bowl above and below water line
  • Shower screen
  • Make sure that extractor has been dusted


  • Skirting
  • Move furniture and dust behind
  • Sofa – take off cushions and vacuum clean under them
  • Under the furniture (bed, tables, chairs, etc)
  • Hoover mattress and under the mattress
  • dust above the doors and door frames
  • Entrance door –clean BOTH sides
  • Electric switchers
  • Door handles
  • Clean entry phone
  • Radiator and behind the radiator

One last thing to mention while talking about ETC. It is not a cheap service so do demand for your cleaners to go back and rectify any mistakes if your check out report is less than perfect.
If you need help with End of Tenancy Cleaning our GreenLeaf London Cleaning Company will happy to provide this particular cleanings well as Domestic CleaningOne Off cleaning and Spring Cleaning.

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