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If you are like many others always wanted to go green or to make that little step towards cleaner environment, but did not know where to start, you can start here, right now by making the cleaning of your home more eco-friendly. Isn’t it what we all want? A clean home, a green planet…

It is a well known fact now that the chemicals we have been using to clean our homes and premises for the past 40 years have polluted water systems and been linked to an increase in asthma, allergies, superbugs, auto-immune disorders, skin sensitivities etc. The whole point about non-biodegradable petrochemicals is that they don’t disappear quietly back into the earth – they stick around, in the environment and, potentially, in our bodies. So if you haven’t made the switch yet- you should and we could help you in doing it.

How can we go greener? Hopefully now you switched to greener cleaning by using our company and this is the easiest way. But can you do something else? Here a few tips how to make your life a bit greener.

Small things count. Like washing and reusing dusters and clothes rather them throwing them away is one way to reduce your environmental impact. Or you can save money by creating cloth of your own out of unwanted clothing.

Not using paper kitchen towel – even recycled one – is another way to go greener. Our cleaners use squeezers and cloth to clean glass and mirrored surfaces. You can too.

Using fewer cleaning products might not seem like a lot. But it counts too. A small amount of products can go long way.

You can also do green laundry. There are several eco-branded washing products on market. Green cleaning product brand including Ecover and Bio-D are formulated to be completely biodegradable and don’t contain optical brighteners – chemicals that coat fabrics in a reflective solution to give them a cleaner, whiter look.

Washing up could be and should be green too! Greener washing up liquids don’t contain phosphates, which can disrupt river ecosystems by causing excessive algae growth and stifling other organisms. Eco-branded dishwasher tablets such as Ecover’s range use plant-based rather than oil-based ingredients to cut through dirt and grease. And there is also washing –up liquid available for those not using dishwashers.

And then again recycling! You should be able to recycle now almost everything at a local recycling bank or through a household collection service. Plastic bottles, cardboard and paper, glass, aerosols are DEFINITELY recyclable and should not be discarded in a rubbish bin. Contact your local council to find out which materials it collects and when, and other recycling facilities in your local area.

Read more Eco Cleaning tips on our BLOG.

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We booked Greenleaf Cleaning for End Of Tenancy Cleaning for one of our properties after being let down by previous cleaners. We couldn’t be happier with the service and with the ecological cleaning products!

Landlord, NW3, London

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