Even the most organised and methodical of us might be forgetting cleaning of these places on a regular basis. Take a look and check yourself! 

  1. Drawers. We of course clean them outside, but do you remember to attend to the inside of them on a regular basis? The way to do it is to empty them completely (good start to declutter by the way!), wipe them with vinegar solution and then dry them with a cloth or paper towel.
  2. Pet litter boxes. I know it doesn’t sound like an exciting thing to do, nevertheless they have to be emptied completely on a regular basis and disinfected. The same applies to pet food and water bowls. 
  3. Rubbish bin. Needs to be cleaned and disinfected too at least twice a month. 
  4. Air conditioner filters. Yes, them too. At least once a year. It’s actually not that difficult, but it’s better to read instruction. 
  5. Cutting boards. We would normally clean them with soap and water, for better results – put then into a dishwasher on a weekly basis. Lemon and salt are great too to clean, disinfect and get rid of a smell. 
  6. Rubber sealing in fridge, freezer and washing machine. They are in constant contact with water and quite often mould would be attracted to them, therefore don’t forget to wipe them with wet cloth before drying them with paper towel or dry cloth on a weekly basis. 
  7. Ventilation racks. As they are above the eye level, they are missed very often and accumulate dust. Attending to them on a fortnightly basis is normally sufficient. 
  8. Artificial plants. They are great at accumulating dust too. Depending on what type you have, they could be wiped with damp cloth or even rinsed under the running water. Not the silk once though, they will be ruined.
  9. Sink and bathtub stocks. They are normally covered with plugs and we cannot see how much dirt, hair, etc. they accumulate until the stock gets blocked and we have to remediate the problem asap. It’s very important to pull out all the plugs and thoroughly clean and disinfect the stocks on a weekly basis.
  10. Telephone handsets, TV remote controls, computer keyboards. Needless to elaborate. We spend a lot of time with them and rarely clean them. Verdict – to be cleaned and disinfected weekly! 

How many points have you scored? 

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