The building or refurbishment works of your house/office are now finished and you’re ready to go back to your normal life. We all know how stressful and annoying the building disruption could be as it results in the place being covered in a lot of dust and dirt for weeks or even months.

Professional building companies will normally remove the construction waste and dispose of any leftovers of their materials and get your space to a point where it is “available for a move-in”. However, it does not actually mean that people can sit down, work and perform daily tasks there. The place needs one last thing, and that’s an after-builders clean for you to move back in.

When a building team leaves the site, sometimes it is not always noticeable the place requires any clean as everything looks brand new, there’s no mess left so you might think it’s all done and rush to your daily routine as quickly as possible. But if you stop for a few seconds and look closer, open the drawers and run your hand over the surface, or bend down to examine the skirting boards, the whole situation will look completely different. On the other side, there’re construction companies that might misrepresent their services and will often leave behind the debris like wood particles, window film, packaging and paint. Therefore, it’s crucial to clarify such things at the very beginning to avoid any misunderstandings down the line. It is also very important that a post-construction cleanup takes place only after the builders have finished, ideally after 1-2 days since the building works as it takes some time for the dust that’s in the air to settle. Quite often, when the cleaning is well underway, the builders tend to return to the property to put the final touches to their work, meaning the rooms will be inevitably dirty again. We must bare in mind that the best results could only be ensured when there are no renovation works whatsoever taking place after the cleanup.

At Greenleaf Cleaning, we take care of the following areas and others:

Furniture surfaces and frames. Whether the furniture is old or new it attracts and holds dust. Most of the new items will have adhesive labels on them, and our team utilizes the right products to remove them without any damage to the furniture.
Cabinets and desks/tables. Drywall dust and sawdust will end up in the cabinets and drawers of the desks, therefore we wipe them on the inside too, as part of the service.
Vent covers and exposed pipes. These are other spots which accumulate dust and could be missed if the job is getting done by non-professionals.
Windows. The inside of the windows, window frames as well as sills are on the checklist.
Our package does not include the outside of the windows. If this type of work is required from the client’s side, we’re more than happy to oblige and arrange the service (additional quote is provided).
Flooring. Probably the dirtiest spot and the last one on our to-do list is normally the floor as all the dust and dirt lands here.

We should note that any carpet or upholstery cleaning is not included in the package, however could be combined with a major clean upon client’s request and quoted.

Other areas to tackle include:

– skirting boards, doors, door frames,
– light fixtures, switches and sockets,
– kitchen/bathroom tiles,
– toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers,
– kitchen appliances,
– stairwells,
– mirrors, etc.

Some of the areas outlined, you might not expect to gather dust and grime but they certainly do.

At Greenleaf Cleaning, we take the worry out of you providing a spick and span environment so you can focus on what is most important — your company and customers’ success if that’s an office and/or your family, friends if we talk about a domestic household.

Looking for a professional cleaning company to do a Post-build cleanup? Be it a house, flat, office space or a communal area, we’ll do more than just make sure your place looks good; our employees are properly trained and will look into every nook and cranny to ensure the best results possible.

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