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AirBnB business in London is booming. With no licence to set up, in London you can let your property on a short-term basis for up to 90 days a year without planning permission and earn a little extra money for when you do not use it, like weekend or your own holiday away. It could be done on platforms like AirBnB, HomeAway and

Needless to say, that it is important to have your property tidy, clean and presentable so reviews are glowing and your property is in high demand. Therefore, engage a professional company, with a proven track record and availability to meet your needs on any chosen day and time. While there are plenty of good cleaners around, not all of them will be trained to work at a Holiday Let property and the requirements for this kind of cleaning are different from a regular domestic cleaning or a one off cleaning arrangement. Also, the check-out and check-in times are similar everywhere, and they are between 10am and 3pm, so you need a professional, reliable cleaner being available at these particular hours. Then comes cleaners’ lengthy holidays, sick days, etc., which makes working with an individual cleaner a rather daunting prospect comparing to a cleaning company.

Do get your written instructions in place and pass it on to your cleaning contactor right from the beginning. Make sure you include access to the property details, linen and towels arrangement, restocking items and products requirements. Indeed, the more detailed instructions, the less room for misunderstanding and mistakes. Include pictures of how you want the beds to be set up, towels, etc. Set the standards and clearly let your cleaners know your expectations.

Set up a WhatsApp group with your contractor and streamline the communications, taking into account that there most likely will be quite a few cleaners visiting your property and it is good to have your communication in one place. The WhatsApp group will also come handy when receiving the pictures of your property after it has been cleaned, so you have a peace of mind and the proof, that it is ready for your guests.

Finally, do get your cleaners to carry out a short visual inventory of your property to make sure you are in the know if something is missing or damaged and need to be fixed before arrival of your guests.

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