Cleaning your house can be a hassle, but there are ways to make it quicker and less stressful. One of the most useful hacks is to prioritise what needs to be done. Identify the most important tasks you need to do and waste no time on minor details. Another hack is to clean one surface at a time by tackling each surface from top to bottom – this will help clear any mess faster and more efficiently. Finally, enlist help where possible – when cleaning with a partner or family member things will go much quicker as jobs are divided up between two people!

Clear the Kitchen Table:

Having a kitchen table that is cluttered with jackets, backpacks, magazines, mail, assorted small packages, and the odd dirty bowl or two can be a real nuisance. But with a few simple steps, you can make your kitchen table a usable surface area where you can actually enjoy a meal. First, always clear the table completely after a meal. It may seem like a tedious task, but it only takes a minute or two.

Next, get rid of what you don’t need. Sort through the clutter and toss out any magazines you’ve already read and junk mail you’ll never read. Invent some storage solutions to keep the clutter off the table. A couple of plastic bins can do wonders in de-cluttering your table.

Finally, clear the table at the end of the day. Have the kids pick up their school books and homework, and pack up your laptop. That way, when you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a clear table at which you can enjoy your breakfast.

Have a System:
Having a system for house cleaning can make the process much more efficient and productive. Start with the most labour-intensive room, such as the bathroom(s), and work your way down. Dusting should come next, as it will help to pick up any dust that has settled on the floor. After that, mop and vacuum the floors to ensure that all dust has been removed. Finally, finish with the kitchen, which is usually the easiest and quickest room to clean. Knowing that you will end with the easiest room can help to keep you motivated and on track until the job is done.

Make a House Cleaning Schedule:
Creating a house cleaning schedule can help make the daunting task of cleaning your home seem much more manageable. Instead of trying to tackle the entire house in one go, break it down into smaller, more achievable tasks. For example, you could assign each day of the week to a specific room or task, such as bathrooms on Monday, kitchen on Tuesday, living room on Wednesday, and so on. Alternatively, you could assign each day to a specific cleaning job, such as vacuuming one day, scrubbing the next day, and dusting on another day.

By breaking down the task into smaller chunks, it’s much easier to stay on top of your cleaning schedule and make progress. As the old saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” And don’t forget to reward yourself with a day off to enjoy your clean home – it’ll be something to look forward to!

Bonus Hack:
Hiring a professional house cleaning service is a great way to save time and make house cleaning less of a chore. After all, they are professionals and have the necessary tools and equipment that you may not have access to. Plus, they have the time to dedicate to cleaning. If you’d rather spend your time doing something more enjoyable, consider booking an appointment with GreenLeaf Cleaning, the most reliable and efficient house cleaning service in London.

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