Disinfecting Against Coronavirus

We are living through history now and our life became very different from what it used to be in a matter of weeks with us still adjusting to it. There are new ways how we communicate, work, shop, cook and there is a difference in how we clean now too. Eco-friendly cleaning materials have been put aside (but not forgotten!) and their place has been taken by more aggressive cleaning staff, the ones that disinfect and kill harmful bacteria. There are a few methods of cleaning/disinfecting that would help us to keep our homes, offices and premises free of bacteria.

Wiping down (high-touch surfaces cleaning) or regular cleaning, could be done using just a good disinfecting solution, attending to all the surfaces which could be storing and harbouring dangerous bacteria. In homes, soft furnishing could be steamed (subject to following the care instructions, not to damage the fabric). After the clean the cleaning cloths are to be washed at 90 degrees.

The surfaces to include into your daily cleaning routine:

• doorknobs
• sink faucets and knobs
• light switches
• phones
• computers
• table surfaces
• dining chairs (seat, back and arms)
• kitchen counters
• bathroom counters
• toilets (seat and handle)
• TV remote controls
• game controllers
• toys

This method is good for households or small spaces.

Spraying is a step-up in disinfecting routine and this method involves a sprayer-machine applying a fine mist of disinfecting solution to all the surfaces, including hard-reachable areas as ceiling, etc. Soft furnishing could be sprayed too. It is also a quicker method than manual cleaning and it doesn’t leave residue on surfaces.

This method is perfect for small offices and small commercial premises.

Fogging is another method of cleaning and disinfecting and in fact, one of the best of its kind for disinfecting as it offers a better coverage allowing to treat large spaces in just moments using airflow to maximise the exposure. A special machine turns cleaning solution into fog which cleans the air and the surfaces. That means that it can contact airborne pathogens and effectively kill them. This is far beyond what can be done by regular janitorial stuff.

This method is ideal for schools, hospitals, big open-plan offices, trains, shopping malls, etc.

At Greenleaf Cleaning we use all three named above methods and each of them could be booked by calling us on 08000326248.