It’s a season of flu, officially. People around you and maybe even yourself getting down with cough, sore throat, high temperature and general feeling of being ran over by a truck. Nothing new, happens every year.

We should get more vigilant and rigorous in cleaning of our homes and offices to stop spreading the bacteria. There are plenty of commercial cleaners, including many eco-friendly ones. Or even better, use natural products, the majority of naturally antibacterial disinfectants can be found right in your kitchen and at a fraction of the cost of those harsh chemical cleaners. Natural cleaners are not only better for your health but are safer for children, animals, and the environment.

White vinegar. Is basically acetic acid diluted with water. Will tackle things like grease , mildew, odours, stains, and wax buildup. Thanks to its high acidity, white vinegar reduces surface bacteria, although not all the bacteria will be killed. White vinegar less potent than commercial cleaners but without a doubt a better alternative if you are environment conscious.

Vodka. Like vinegar, vodka de-greases, removes stains and refreshes fabric. Vodka contains 40% of alcohol and therefore is a disinfectant. To make it more efficient try to find vodka with 60% of alcohol in it. Apply onto a cloth and wipe door handles, kitchen worktop, etc. or spray on surfaces and leave it there for awhile.

Lemons. They are full of citric acid which also disinfect, but less effectively than commercial cleaners and vinegar, although I personally prefer the lemons for the task due to lovely fresh smell. I would normally clean with lemons kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Essential oils, such as tea-tree, geranium, lemongrass work against bacteria too. Add a few drops of oil to vodka for a home-made anti-bacteria spray. Lovely smell is a bonus to the product.

Steam is another natural disinfectant you can work on the surfaces. It might take a bit longer with a domestic range steamer but keep in mid that steam kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs and dust mites. This includes E.coli, Staph bacteria, Salmonella and surface moulds.

Finally, wash your hands regularly. Obvious as it is, it is still worth mentioning.

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